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How to Build New Positive Habits

You have probably never met a single person who wouldn’t want to change their habits, and build new, more positive automatic processes into their lives.

When I work with clients, I may come up what I think would be the most brilliant strategies for them, but unless they become habits, they’re not going to get the benefits.

Over the course of 30 years working with people, I have spent much of my time finding better ways to help them develop useful habits, and to help them to go beyond what initially sounds like a good idea towards building it into their lives.

The ultimate therapeutic solution I have come up with is sticky notes and a good thick black pen. (Thick black ink means you can read what’s on the note from the other side of the room).

Sticky notes can be put in place as you regularly pass by. The bathroom mirror, above the toilet, next to the kettle, on the fridge, car dashboard, the computer monitor: you can probably think of several other key places in your life.

This doesn’t guarantee you will do the new habits; however I’m a great believer in what I call micro-habits. Things that are so tiny they can be done in seconds. Something like, “be grateful”. This makes it more likely that you’ll practice the micro-habits, and they become the new norm in your life. I’d love your feedback on this idea. Let me know how it works for you.