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John Nolan Anxiety Coach

First you build your habits;

then your habits build you.

  • Nearly everything you experience is because of the mental habits you have.
  • Nearly every action or decision you take is because of your mental habits.

Your brain has been automatically learning these habits since birth.

Instead of constantly trying to battle, defeat, overcome or destroy your anxiety, why not change your brain’s default thinking habits to habits that supports you and lead you into a richer, more rewarding life?

Are you ready to change your mental habits?

If you think that changing your default mental habits could help you then please get in contact. We can talk about how this approach could work with you; this initial conversation will be free. 0114 299 8888 or Contact me.

If strong emotions have taken over the steering wheel of your life, and are taking you in the wrong direction, I can put you back in the driving seat.

  • I can help you overcome the anxiety or fears that are stopping you from doing what’s important and meaningful for you.
  • I can help stop your frustrations or anger damaging you or your relationships.
  • I can help stop stress or overwhelm from undermining your productivity and enjoyment of life.
  • I can help you turn your struggles into growth and enhanced effectiveness.

If it were simple or straightforward for you to get what you want, then you’d have done it.

Is it time for you to consider a different approach?

If overwhelm, stress, anxiety or other struggles seem to be holding you back, whether they’re in your past or happening right now, I can help you grow your confidence and resilience to overcome them. I’ve been helping people to do this for over 25 years.

It can be very frustrating when you know how much you can offer others but find it difficult to help yourself to get past your current problems.  Shouldn’t you be able to solve all your own problems first?

Let’s be clear: if there was a simple or straightforward solution to your struggles, stresses, or anxieties you would have found it by now.

What I can do for you

Testimonial from  a senior Teacher

You are unique. Your life experiences, your knowledge, your aspirations are all specific to you. It makes sense that the fastest and most effective way forward for you is going to be through an individual program that is flexible and customised to your situation.

My job is to help you find the most direct route to the future you are looking for.

My job is to cut through the countless ideas and possibilities out there and bring to you what is most likely to be relevant, and then figure out if it’s going to benefit you.

Testimonial from business owner

To help you get absolutely clear on what it is realistically going to take you to get to where you want to go I have put together a complimentary strategy and coaching session. During this conversation we can get to know each other a little better and most importantly you can create a customised plan for yourself based on your knowledge of your life and my years of experience helping others.