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Working with John

What it would be like to work with me

Many individuals who come to see me have been through various programs, and the like, before. Programs are great because you know what you’re getting involved with, however, there is no one size fits all. This means the way you and I work together will be unique to your circumstances; however, this does not mean we lack structure.

Before you and I start working together, we will have had a conversation where you have clarity around what is going to be involved. This then gives us a structure to work towards and for you to assess your progress.

JOHN NOLAN, Resilience Coach

My objective with every client from the moment we start our working relationship is to help you find the most direct route to what is going to work for you to get past struggles, stresses or anxieties that are holding you back right now, and returning you to control. In addition, my objective is to help you build resilience. This also means you become far more confident in your abilities because you know you have become more robust.

Increasing your resilience gives you the additional ability to weather the storms of adversity that will crash upon you in the future. To pass through those storms unscathed or even stronger.

How I do this is totally unique for each client. Yes, many processes are going on in your brain and mind that researchers have figured out, and importantly how to modify them. The exact mix for you will be unique to you. Later, I’ll give you two anonymous cases to illustrate how differently I can work with people to meet you exactly where you are.

One thing that I am sure of about you is that if there were some simple quick fixes to your situation, you’d have found it. This then means it is likely that what is going on for you is more complex, potentially more subtle or just take a little longer than you’d been hoping for.

From the very first session together I aim initially to find some quick wins to give you benefits as quickly as possible. Then over the next few sessions how we work together will transform. Sessions will become much more conversational about getting you to where you want to go. You’ll learn what you need to know about how your mind and brain actually work and what you can do about it. So, removing many of the mysteries of why you do what you have done and making it easier for you to take on board new ideas that will help you to get to where you want to go.

In such conversations with clients often, we find “blocks” something that’s stopping progress. Once again, with a range of psychological tools, we can usually deal with an issue and then return to the conversational flow. It is quite common than in a single session with the client we could deal with a few such “blocks”.

Crucial though for me is that whatever we do in our sessions together, it must be applied in your real life. So, each session usually ends with some ideas to explore your own life. Then at the next session, we can talk about what happened. It doesn’t matter if it works, it doesn’t work; you did it, or you didn’t do it. This all provides quality data to choose the next steps forward.