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“He (John) has a wicked sense of humour, a wealth of knowledge and great intuition for where to go in a session”

I have been seeing John for several months now due to my ongoing general anxiety.

I arrived at his session feeling a little sceptical as I had received all sorts of therapy over the years and although things had helped for a while they always seemed to stop working and become less effective.

John  clearly explained why this had been the case and how his approach was different and long lasting. He was upfront and clear from the beginning that it would take a lot of hard work on my part but he would be with me all the way , and he has been ..!

Due to my medical background John realised early on that the scientific explanation for why the  things he does work  would be beneficial in my recovery and he just ‘got me’

He has a wicked sense of humour, a wealth of knowledge and great intuition for where to go in a session. I arrive with one idea in my mind and he unpicks it and gets to the core of the issue. I find myself thinking why is he going in this direction , but he is always right.

I can’t thank him enough for the help and the huge progress I have made. He is the best practioner I have worked with and believe me there have been a few over the years.

Thank you John for helping me get my life back on  track and for opening up my world in a way I wasn’t sure was possible.

Anonymous – Professional Health Care Worker
Sheffield, UK

“John is an amazingly versatile coach and incredibly talented”

It’s now 10 years since I hired John as my coach, this was after I grew beyond my previous two coaches and let them go. I intend to be using John for many years to come. Working with John has been like steps that have brought me higher and higher up the success stairs.

I have been an independent psychotherapist and coach for 25 years here in Copenhagen.

John is an amazingly versatile coach and incredibly talented.

He helps me in my professional business with constructive challenging and good advice. He is doing supervision, coaching and psychotherapy.

He is also a technician who has a lot of knowledge about websites, the Internet, keyword optimization, marketing and promotion.

He is visionary, and he has inspired me to write and publish 5 bestsellers about my business.

And he is also able to help me with private life like my relationship, children and finances.

I’ve become more calm and confident with John’s help. I am far more resilient to challenges, difficult clients, bad times and lack of an overview.

He is incredibly sharp, almost clairvoyant, and I sometimes have to ask John, “How could you know that?” He is able to predict challenges several months before they occur.

John has coached me to a really good business and it is definitely his merit that I have an annual turnover at a level that my professional colleagues can only dream of. I am very grateful for that. I have become much more confident and calm, both privately and professionally with my business.

Sheffield, UK

I am more efficient, more productive and no longer having panic attacks.

I got into contact with John because I had become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I was unable to work, and living life day-to-day terrified of the next panic attack or anxiety overwhelm. I thought I would never be able to work again with the financial instability that follows, and feared my partner, friends and family deserting me as I had become a burden who needed looking after. Despite medication, an NHS-run online CBT workshop and exploring mindfulness apps, there was little improvement and I was utterly hopeless.

When I first met John, I was impressed with his versatility and breadth of knowledge. He was able to explain the evidence behind the neuroscience and psychology responsible for my issues and I found that I quickly bought into the idea that “this guy really knows his stuff and what he is doing”. I immediately got a good feel from his warm, positive nature and wicked sense of humour.

After our first introductory session, I once again had hope that I could get my life back on track – though was given no doubt that it was going to be hard work which I had to take responsibility for. His has a great ability to dissect the information you give him and guide the session to an area that will give maximal results. I was signposted to helpful resources and given simple homework tasks to start the process of recovery. Within weeks, I was noticing positive results and increased mental stability.

Six months on, I am back at work and thriving personally and professionally. I am more efficient, more productive and no longer having panic attacks. My interactions with other people are richer and my relationships more fulfilling. The anxiety is still there, but I have a multitude of skills and tools which make it a part of a healthy life, rather than something to be feared. I continue to work with John and am excited to see how far I can go with his well-tailored coaching.

AnonymousNHS Hospital Doctor
Sheffield, UK