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Details of the Complimentary Coaching Session

Details of the Complimentary
Coaching Session

This page contains the information you need to make this call to me and to get the most from it.

WHAT: Complimentary Coaching Session

WHERE: You have a choice of technologies that you can use for our session.

  • Zoom: If this is your first Zoom meeting, your web browser client will download the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ automatically when you join a meeting for the first time. I highly suggest that you do this before our scheduled session. Once done, you may click on the link below. The link will take you to our meeting.
  • Skype: My ID is johnmnolan . You will need to add me as a connection before the time of our session, then just call me as normal at the time. If you want to record Skype you’ll need to find an app or software to do this.
  • Telephone: Yes – this still works! In the UK (0114)299 8888 or internationally +44 (114) 299 8888. Just call me at our session time. If for any reason you get my answering machine it will be because somebody has called me and I will be doing my best to get them off the phone as quickly as possible so I can talk with you.


This highly-focused strategy coaching session is the culmination of my 30 years’ experience but also of accumulated wisdom from many highly successful coaches.

The call is designed to help you become clear about what might be involved on your part for you to get what you want. There’ll be some things you already know about and potentially some that you’re not aware of yet.

My role is to help you get clear and understand the resources and capabilities that you already have and which additional items you may need. So this call is going to be fast-paced and information-packed so I really recommend being prepared to record the calls, or at the very least to take notes.

The objective is for you to leave our conversation with a bespoke plan tailored around you. It might be that I can help with some of the items.  It’s this plan of action that will make the difference between having an ideal of what you want, and actually making it happen.

During the call you will get to understand me a little better, and how I work and what I can help with. By the end of our conversation we should both know whether I could be the right person to work with you, and if it looks like there is a good fit then we will discuss how we could work together. I do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. I work with many clients in a variety of ways to adapt to their situation so it’s only by the end of this call that you can be clear about whether I’m the right person to hire or not.

If you are unable to make this conversation I would be grateful if you would rearrange it or cancel it by following the link below. This allows others the opportunity to take advantage of one of these limited time slots that I make available each month.

Hope to talk with you soon!

John Nolan